Everybody knows Bangkok is one of the top-notch tourist destinations in the universe, where one can spend even years without getting bored, to be honest.

Famous for glittering nightlife and party culture, Bangkok is probably the first place, where you can find various world-class rooftop bars.

If you’re a newbie in the city and have no inkling where to go for a drink and breath-taking night views, keep reading as you’ll get to know about the ten best rooftop bars in Bangkok within a few minutes.

1. Octave Rooftop Bar


A full-package sky bar in the city, Octave Rooftop Bar offers not only the best-selling drinks but also the stunning 360-degree views with a peaceful environment.

It sets over three floors at the Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit’s top area, and you can relish your time at any corner of the bar.

In the list of Bangkok rooftop bars, Octave enjoys its value from the past many years.

Even though its location is not up-to-the-mark as it is a bit separate from the tourist places, it still draws traffic in large numbers.

2. Vertigo and Moon Bar


You can enter the world of Vertigo and Moon Bar by hitting the 61st floor of the Bunyan Tree Hotel, which already draws a lot of tourists to the place.

If you have Acrophobia or you’re afraid of heights, don’t visit the bar, but if you are okay with it, you will see some hypnotic views for sure.

Moreover, one of the best quality of Vertigo and Moon Bar is it will provide a quiet, peaceful, and cozy environment to the clients.

3. The Roof Top Bar, Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Cr.Baiyoke Sky Hotel

At the 83rd floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok’s top-notch Roof Top Bar is the perfect location for party lovers.

Though it’s only a floor below the roof, however, you can head up to the topped one for a hangout at the revolving observation deck.

What makes the place different from the rest of the rooftop bars is the breath-taking, scintillating views?

Well, what else you could expect by standing at the 83rd or 84th floor?

4. The Speakeasy, Hotel Muse

Cr.Hotel Muse Bangkok

Resided at not so high floor, however, Speakeasy offers unique, fun-loving, and comfortable environment to its customers, and its 1920s prohibition era theme makes it more appealing.

Are you ready to drink cocktails in jam jars? Sounds weird to you?

At Speakeasy, you will be served in those jars that look weirdly beautiful, to be honest.

What will be more soothing than jazz music playing in the background while having a drink with your friends and family?

So, add this funky rooftop bar to your bucket list, because you’ll regret it if you miss it.

5. Zoom SkyBar


Anantara Sathorn Hotel’s 40th floor is a permanent residence of Zoom Sky Bar that covers the entire portion of the roof so you can sit anywhere to enjoy a cocktail there.

Moreover, if you come before 8 pm, you’ll get plenty of hours to relish great moments at the bar, and since the entire roof is open for visitors, you can view the glittering scenes and skyscrapers from any corner of the place.

6. Cielo Rooftop Skybar

Cr.Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant

Most probably one of the cheapest rooftop bars, Cielo provides a 180-degree view of the city, and it also offers many front-row seats for the sunset scenes.

Though the location and entrance of the bar aren’t highly appealing, however, after reaching the 46th floor of the apartment building, you will feel refreshed and happy.

It’s a low-cost bar, so you can’t expect anything fancy from it, but it is not that bad.

7. Park Society, Sofitel So

Cr.SO Sofitel Bangkok

Famous for eye-catchy and different views, and set on the 29th floor of Sofitel So, Park Society offers scintillating sights over the greenery and lakes of Lumphini Park.

Arrive there at sunset to witness scenes of changing lights of the city as it will be a perfect romantic place to spend an evening in one of the Bangkok rooftop bars for sure.

8. Blue Sky-Centara Grand Lad Prao


Nestled at the 4th floor of the Grand Lad Prao Hotel in the north of Bangkok, Blue Sky Bar isn’t any less than the top-rated ones as it offers uninterrupted scenes of the illuminating city of Thailand.

The restaurant serves French as well as Asian food to customers along with drinks. It can cost you a bit, but it’ll be worth it, to be honest.

9. Attitude Rooftop at Avani


Situated at one of the most romantic locations of the city, Attitude Rooftop at Avani Hotel, which is a Riverside cocktail bar, without a shadow of the doubt.

It is the perfect place for youngsters and adults to enjoy evening drinks with their friends and family.

To enter into the world of Attitude Rooftop Bar, you must have to take a shuttle ferry to the place, pass 26th floors of Avani Hotel.

Bbut once you reach there, you will be able to view stunning scenes of the waterway and the night market.

10. Zense Gourmet Deck & Lounge


Though the majority of the sky bars in the city are on the top of the hotels.

However, Zense Gourmet Deck & Lounge is on the CentralWorld’s 17th floor, which is the biggest shopping complex in Bangkok till date.

With the cozy environment, delightful cocktails, and some of the mesmerizing views from the terrace, no doubt Zense could also be a perfect choice for a romantic evening, so consider it whenever you hit the land of Thailand.


In conclusion, it is apparent these are not the only ten rooftop bars in the country, and a plethora of other reasonable options are available there, too.

All you need to do is to spend a few hours on research, and you will get to know about Bangkok rooftop bars with ease.

The nightlife of the city is worth seeing, so plan your holidays, and visit the heart of Thailand this year with your loved ones, don't you agree?

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