Thailand is one of the best tourist destinations in both Asia and the Whole World. The country in itself is vibrant with a lot of history and a great and inclusive culture.

Regardless of what you love to do, the country has a lot to offer making sure that you will be thoroughly satisfied after your vacation.

One thing any tourist looks for before visiting a destination is the ability of the destination to offer them different and unique experiences like no other. Thailand does not falter in that regard.

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If you are thinking of visiting Thailand, there are many unique non-touristy things you can do to make sure you have a satisfying and fulfilling vacation.

The next time you visit Thailand, consider doing any of these unconventional activities to fully experience the country, its attractions, and its culture.

1. Muay Thai Boxing


If you are looking to stay fit while trying out something that is both adventurous and unique to Thailand, then you should consider Muay Thai Boxing.

Muay Thai Boxing is a great way for you to pick up some self-defense skills as a tourist visiting Thailand, which will, in turn, make you invincible.

How do you sign up?

There are several professional boxers who offer Muay Thai Boxing Classes targeted towards tourists. The classes are perfectly structured for beginners to easily get you started, which is an advantage for you.

One great thing about the Muay Thai Boxing classes is that they won’t require you to break your bank just to access the lessons.

In Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, the average price for Muay Thai Boxing session lasting for 60 – 90 minutes is $40, which is cost-effective given the skills you will learn and pick up.

Opening Hours: Muay Thai (Monday to Saturday)
Address: No.15 Onnut 65, Yeak 8, Prawet, Bangkok
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Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy
Opening Hours: 06.oo - 20.00
Address: 55/103-109 Sukhumvit 107 – Soi 22, Bearing
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2. Jungle Bike Tour


Bangkok, regardless of how busy it is as a city will give you the opportunity to explore nature.

For any tourist, nature can have an impressive effect and be a relaxation avenue to help you reflect and rejuvenate.

There is a jungle bike tour crafted specifically for tourists who will be visiting Bangkok. The tour will guide you through the Bang Kra Jao. Besides nature, the Bang Kra Jao is home to ancient hidden villages, old temples and is host to a floating market during select weekends.

The bike tour is an all-encompassing experience that will last you for hours at a time. During the tour, you will also get the rare opportunity to see and enter a 250-year-old ancient Thai Temple located in the jungle that still stands as of today.

For learning some additional skills, you can learn the art of incense making during the tour.

Bang Kra Chao

3. Cooking Classes


Thai Meals need no formal introduction. They are some of the most popular dishes in the world served in the most popular cities including Tokyo, LA, London, and many others.

Besides enjoying the dishes as a tourist, you can learn to prepare the dishes by yourself. One of the most famous cooking classes targeted towards tourists are found in the Kudeejeen Neighborhood, a 30-minute drive away from Bangkok.

In the city, you will get the exclusive opportunity to do what is referred to as a Royal Tour. This tour is a five-hour long tour led by a local professional chef. You will get to cook and prepare some of the most popular local dishes in Thailand.

After cooking, if you want, you will be given the opportunity to get a taste of the meals while learning about the culinary history of the Kudeejeen Region.

Baipai Thai Cooking School
Address: 8/91 Ngam Wongwan Road, Soi 54,Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok

4. Visit the Baan Bang Plub


If you love to learn about nature and how it can be preserved, then this place might be a great area for you to visit.

The Baan Bang Plub is one of the largest research centers in the world focused on chemical-free agriculture. There are tens of farmers found here who are doing great work utilizing organic material as fertilizer substitutes.

Their go is to reduce the use of artificial chemicals in farming to help preserve and protect the environment.

The Key thing you can do in this area is taking a guided tour where you will learn about the local produce and see first – hand the work that the farmers are doing. You will certainly enjoy the traditional sweets made from fruits and vegetables.

**Baan Bang Plub **
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5. The Dinosaur Footprints Park in Tha Uthen


Fancy being a time traveler?

Then consider visiting the Dinosaur Footprints Park located at Tha Uthen in the heart of Thailand. This is one of the most mysterious places on the planet and possibly the oldest.

The whole park is riddled with dinosaur prints of various dinosaur species including ostrich dinosaurs, iguanodons, and other prehistoric animals that have roamed the area.

Upon visiting the park, you will be assigned a local guide whose main role is walking you through the park explaining the origin of the prints and how long they have been there for.

Believe it or not, some of the prints in this park have existed for 100 million years. It’s an amazing place to visit for historical tourists.

6. The Eco Zipline adventure - Bonus


This is a Bonus activity you can carry out if you love ZIP lines and nature.

The ZIP line in the Thai Jungle is a 3 km long ZIP line that will give you an adrenaline rush as you glide over the jungle.

As you ZIP over the jungle, a local guide will be giving you information on the animals you sport. It’s an adventure in itself.

Flight Of The Gibbon : Bangkok Zipline Experience
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As I said above, Thailand is a vast country that offers many great experiences. There are many other non-conventional things you can do to fully enjoy your stay in the country.

One great source of information are the locals. Each time you are in an area, find a local you can trust to be your guide and show you around, I’m sure you will discover some interesting things.