The capital of Thailand is this amazing city, Bangkok. This city is quite known due to this street life which is quite energetic.

Not only this, but the city is quite popular due to the ornate temples it has. The city is home to many temples which are considered sacred as well.

Not only that, the Thais hold these temples very close to their hearts as well and respect all of their cultures. The city is quite populous as well.

The only bad thing about Bangkok is that it has a very bad traffic problem.

Thai Markets

Temples are not the only thing which are famous about Bangkok.

The Thai markets you can find in Bangkok are quite exquisite as well in their own ways. Bangkok has got some markets which are quite big and best in the world.

And if you are visiting Bangkok then you should visit their markets as well.

Without visiting their markets, you cannot say that your trip has completed. The Thai markets in Bangkok are one of the reasons that people admire a lot about.

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So you have to visit whenever you get a chance to visit Bangkok, this should be in your bucket list as well.

There are a lot of markets which you can find while in Bangkok. Here are our best 5 market for you to explore:

1. Chatuchak Market (JJ Market)

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market is the ultimate market which you can say is this one of Bangkok.

It is also considered as the mother of all the markets in Bangkok and is a place that is considered a must to visit when you visit Bangkok.

It is also the biggest market for the weekend in the world. It covers more than 1 km. You can get anything which you think is in Thailand from this market. This market is in Bangkok for decades.

More than 200,000 visitors are attracted to this market due to its specialties. It is not just popular to the local Thais, but to also for the people who are foreigners or are tourists there.

The experience of coming here can be quite good but it can be very humid and hot as this place is quite crowded with people.

The market has 27 different sections in it. You can find a variety of items such as local souvenirs, clay crafting, wood carvings, ceramic wares, plants, handbags, local paintings and just about everything.

There are also a variety of small cafes. You would also experience local painters painting their pictures.

Open Wednesday - Sunday from ~9AM – 6PM
Locations :

2. Pak Klong Talad Flower Market

Pak Klong Talad Flower Market

This market is famous due to its colorful and vivid flowers and is quite lovely and beautiful as well.

This is quite a nice place to visit which is full of vibrant life. You can find a large variety of flowers along with that, you can also find a large variety of fruits and vegetables.

The market is also open to people for 24 hours a day. But, it is busiest at dawn the most as it is the time when the flowers arrive from all over Thailand in trucks.

Both wholesale buyers and as well as the normal consumers came to buy stuff from this market.

You will find many local florists to come to this place at dawn to stock up for their shops.

Those poor people who make garlands and sell in the streets, buy flowers from this very market.

This market has got a long history as well which moves back to the reign of Rama 1 which was from 1782 to 1809. This was used to be a floating market then.

Then it turned into a fish market and now this.

Open 24/7
Locations :

3. Klongsan Market

Klongsan Market

The plaza market which is full of vibrant life and is quite busy. This is the place where locals usually go for shopping after finishing front their world.

This is not a place where you can find local souvenirs or hope to find any tourist at this place.

The place where this market is usually around the train station. You will be able to find clothes, jewelry, etc.

Amulets are also sold here and you will have to pay in Thai as it is a local market which is something tourist should know about.

Open Tuesday - Saturday from 11AM – 7PM
Locations :

4. Klong Toey Fresh Market

Klong Toey Fresh Market

This market is supplying fresh food to almost half of Bangkok. You can also get retail and as well as wholesale appliances here.

You can hope to find all kinds of seafood, meat, fish, vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc. in this market and also clothes and socks kind of stuff as well.

Open 24/7
Locations :

5. Bangkok Farmers Market

Bangkok Farmers Market

This is not only a market you will say, but it is as a whole organization is working together with farmers and as well as for farmers all over Thailand.

Their focus is the healthy lives to be lived by the people.

They provide yoga and give back through education and other community programs to the communities in Thailand. There is a farmer market on every first and third weekend here at some particular place in Bangkok.

This is the place where farmers and artists come to sell their products. You can hope to find fruits, drinks, food, vegetables, beauty products, clothes and much more here.

Open Saturday and Sunday from 10AM – 5PM


To conclude, these are just a few of the markets in Bangkok.

There are a lot of other markets as well which you can go to too. You should give these markets a try at least once.

This is due to the reason that you will be able to get a lot of cool items from these markets. Not only cool items, but you will also be able to see and buy their traditional items as well.

Especially if you are into shopping then these markets are worth visiting for.

So, do you already have a plan to Bangkok? Visit these markets and tell us what you think!