Bangkok's international airport is Suvarnabhumi and its name was chosen by the HM king whose name is Bhumibol Adulyadej which means the Golden land.

It was specially referred to as the continental Indochina. Golden land is another traditional name for the Thailand-Cambodia-Laos-Burma.

The short form of this airport is BKK which is derived from the IATA airport code. In the interim period, Suvarnabhumi airport was coded as NBK first.

Suvarnabhumi airport is located at Racha Thewa in the Bang Phli which is the district of Samut Prakan province. It is almost at the 25 km drive of east Bangkok.

There is another Airport in Bangkok which is Don Mueang International Airport (DMK). It is mainly use for domestic and low cost flights.

The airport was designed by Murphy, Jahn architect.

Airport Hotel


The modern hotel is located at the three-minute walk from the airport main point which is connected by a 200 meter fully air-conditioned.

A rail link which directs towards the airport is under construction connected to the hotel which further links to the existing transport system.

The hotel consists of 612 rooms with the square-shaped structure having five stories. It covered 10.5-acre land with large open atrium areas.


There are two other buildings that are attached with a glass atrium and it was designed as the hotel lobby.

The lobby has covered 2,800sqm which is also at five-story height. Suvarnabhumi hotel consists of the largest lobby area in the world.

Its latest and modern design structure purify its environment and make it more attractive by opening outdoor atrium for swimming and other recreational activities.

Hotel rates begin from 2380THB++ per night and it is valid from the period since it is open like on 28 September. Its packages include the spa treatments and some extra charges would also be applicable.

In front of the passenger terminal, there is 600 room operated hotel which is operated by the Accor group under the management of the Novotel Suvarnabhumi brand.



• It has 130 passport checking point at arriving time while 72 checkpoints at departure time.
• 26 custom control checking points while 8 for departures.
• 22 baggage conveying belts.
• 102 elevators
• 83 escalators
• 360 check-in counters.
• 100 counters for passengers without luggage.

Airport Capacity


The airport has 2 parallel runways and 2 parallel taxiways which can accommodate customers at arrival as well as departure time. Its first runway is 60m wide and 3700m long.

It contains 120 parking bays among which 51 are directly connected with gates and 69 are connected remotely.

5 gates are large enough to accommodate Airbus A380 aircraft. It can handle 76 flights per hour that are locally or internationally.

At the beginning time when it was constructed, it can only handle 45 million passengers and 3 million tons of cargo per year.

But now it has expanded enough to carry out the 5 story building and 5000 car parking area within the airport building.

Fast Food Outlet

There is various fast food outlet at airport terminals like Dairy Queen, Burger, and Pizza company. But apart from these brands, you can also grab a quick meal before your flight with which you can fill your stomach.

Chow and Haru are also there which serve Chinese dishes by scoop as well as a sandwich corner with the brand name of Pitcher ad Plane.

Mini food court makes airport best one from where you can find pork balls noodle stall and some other stalls too.

Wine bars

There are 4 stylish bars situated within the airport building and spreading over the 500-meter long hallway. These bars are also managed by the Accor group who also manage the hotel.

Bars name are like Reef bar, glass bar, light bar, and seafood bar.

These are the places where foreigners and locals can enjoy their waiting time. Some of them who are habitual of seafood can take champagne with oysters.

At morning bars offer their customers a well-prepared breakfast but from 11 am bar featured more considerable fare.

Main Terminal

There are dozens of eating venues at every point or terminal but at main terminal non-passengers are also allowed to stand.

Some well-known and reputable restaurants at that point are Tate Café, Daily Suki, China town and S&P.

The main terminal becomes populous at the flight time and people don't find a place to stand there or longer time.

It is a hectic ground either at flight time or in normal with packed restaurants and food courts.



Public transport facility is available at Suvarnabhumi airport.

There exists in the form of car rental, public taxi, limousine, airport rail link, shuttle bus, and public bus.

Taxi counter level 1 is near the entrance 3, 4, 7 and 8. You have to receive a ticket and get a taxi from your specified number.

Taxi fare is collected according to the meter reading plus 50THB airport charges and another expressway fee.

All taxi drivers must get certification from the airport.

Quick Facts

• Suvarnabhumi airport has two international and one domestic arrival area.
• Suvarnabhumi airport consists of international and local airlines like China, Air France, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Singapore, and Thai Airways.
• Suvarnabhumi airport is located on the east side of Bangkok with a distance of 30 km and connected to the city directly. Regular buses, trains and private taxes area used to easily get into the airport.
• There are three biggest Thailand cell phone carriers which are available upon arrival on the airport. They allow you to have cheap calls and data connection at lesser rates even in Thailand.
• Free Wi-Fi is accessible to everyone at the airport. Wi-Fi network is named as AOTFreeWiFitRUE which offers you internet connectivity for 2 hours. Wi-Fi password is accessible from the info desk placed near the airport.
• ATM machines are operational as well as bank currency exchange facility functional for 24 hours.


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