Due thanks are given to pop culture for giving nightlife in Bangkok the praise it truly deserves.

You do not need to wonder why tourists and even Thai locals flock into clubs all through the seven nights in a week. The reason is not far-fetched.

Bangkok Nightclubs are known for playing every single thing that ranges from EDM down to old school hip hop and every type of music in between. It will amaze you to know that no day goes by that the Bangkok Nightclubs are not jam-packed.

If you doubt this, you can get in touch with any of the Bangkok tourists, they can testify of this nightlife.

Basically, you do not get into Bangkok and not venture in experiencing the more than epic nightlife.

Little wonder that Bangkok has been coined the sin City of Asia. Asides for being notorious for their cheap beer and joints that are seedy, you can rest assured of a good time out in the city.

It is actually quite tempting to try believing that nightlife is not the same particular things that revolve around:

• Crazy yet loud music
• Crazy drinks, and;
• Really crazy crowds, etc.

However, this is not the only case with Bangkok Nightclubs. Bangkok has so many things to offer its tourists that practically entails:

• Music buff
• Dance floor junkies, and;
• Some theatrics

Nightclubs You Should Try Out

To enjoy the best Bangkok nightlife, we have compiled some of the best Bangkok Nightclubs that you will find in the intriguing city. They include:

1. Onyx

Cr. Onyx

If you are searching for the world-class party experience, then swiftly turn to Onyx. This is where the big-time clubbers go to see and be truly seen. This the place for you if you love partying in big-time venues.

This dance club can accommodate about two thousand party guests without any stress. Bangkok tourists have had some very epic nights thanks to the international DJs that play there like Marnik, Steve Aoki and even the Chainsmokers.

When these acts come to play, Onyx goes wild. One of its best features is its highly impressive laser show. This show can send anyone into a trance, especially when you deeply immerse yourself in the music and let it flow through you.

Also, the club makes use of dry ice and confetti cannons to make its shows more spectacular. Even if you want to party with friends in your very own personal space, there are VIP rooms of diverse sizes, and it can even be rented for the whole night.

2. Ce la vi Bangkok


If you want to dance with an amazing view of Bangkok's nightscape, then Ce La Vi is your best bet.

This Bangkok nightclub was previously named Ku de ta Bangkok before changing its name to Ce La Vi.

Currently, it holds the best ladies night show in the city of Bangkok. Here, the ladies get free entry every Wednesday with free-flowing wine that sparkles all through the night. This is an amazing deal for the night.

For the gentlemen, they are always good looking, well dressed and sure bet, they know how to dance excellently. Ce la vi makes use of decors that gives the club an adult playground look.

It has a powerful, opulent feel and you can instantly feel it once you step just a foot on its thirty-ninth floor. This is because candles are lit by the corridor that will lead you to the huge party area.

Immediately you find your way past the doors, it turns into a wonderland of light that are bedazzling, expert hypnotic dancers and cocktails that are surely addictive. Amazing right?

What Bangkok tourists love the most about Ce la Vi is its rooftop location. The club has a highly enchanting view of Bangkok’s nightlife. If you want to charm your romantic interest, then Ce la vi is to place to take her to.

3. Sing Sing Theater

Cr.Sing Sing Theater

If you are looking for a glamorous throwback to the Shanghai party era, then Sing Sing theatre is your thing. For lovers of retro-Asian decors and the theater, you should visit Sing Sing theater at least once every week.

However, for those who are not fans, you can always visit just for the experience, especially Bangkok tourists that do not reside in the city.

You will get to find Chinese décor, expert lighting, dragon murals, and even people in modern cheongsam and Changsha. This is actually not your normal Bangkok Nightclubs where everyone dances, mingles, and get wasted.

It is practically a fantastic place you go to when you are ready to broaden your Bangkok nightlife experiences.

4. Route 66

Cr.Route 66

As a Bangkok tourist that is searching for a night out to remember all the days of your life no matter the type of music being played there, Route 66 is your best bet.

This Bangkok nightclub makes it a point to accommodate diverse partygoers by making use of two rooms from Sundays to Thursdays with one DJ that is fueled beats and another that comes with a live band

When it gets to the weekend, you are rest assured to mat a jam-packed hall. The club does not drive the crowd away though. Rather, they built two additional party rooms that open on Fridays and Saturdays.

It will surprise you that Route 66 has no dance floor yet you can still get your dance on. The dancing crowd can get really wild. In route 66, all you get to do is pick a table, select your poison and dance to the content of your heart.

5. Beam


For Bangkok tourists, they will find Beam nightclub a delight. It is rated among he newest underground dance clubs to have recently opened in this sin City of Asia. Beam nightclub follows a musical policy that solely adheres to the cool elements of any dance music scene.

However, when going there, do not think you will be hearing any vocal EDM tracks. The only music style you will hear is deep tech house, minimal and the dark main room type that is common with European dance clubs.

Beam is opened from Wednesdays to Saturdays and the type of crowd you will be mixing up there are the young and wealthy Thai residents.

To Wrap It Up

You are guaranteed not to have a dull experience as a Bangkok tourist. We have given you tips on some of the best Bangkok Nightclubs you can visit to get your groove on.

You can also visit the levels club and lounge before leaving this Sin City of Asia. There are International DJs that usually grace their booth too.


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