Food is the ultimate love of every person, and even every country, too.

When it comes to Bangkok, it is not only famous for enthralling beaches, bars, or shopping malls but also the world’s best culinary scenes are one of the highlights of the city.

Though you can find hundreds of cafes and hotels throughout the city, however, there is one place in the heart of Thailand, where you can’t resist yourself from spending thousands of bucks on delicious food.

Yes, we are talking about Bangkok Chinatown (Yaowarat). The most bustling area in the city, where you can’t differentiate whether it’s a day or night because the food vendors and carts are always active in providing best cuisines to locals, as well as the tourists.

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There are plenty of options to eat, but let us tell you the best restaurants in Chinatown so that you get the idea of where to go whenever you visit Bangkok.

1. Red Rose Chinese Restaurant and Jazz Lounge

Cr.Shanghai Mansion

Do you want to add a real touch of panache to your food?

The 1930s Shanghai parlor concept at one of the most prominent restaurants in Chinatown, Red Rose Chinese Restaurant. Housed on the second floor of Shanghai Mansion Bangkok Boutique Hotel, a decent décor will take your heart for sure.

It features shrimp rolls, hot and sour Szechuan soup, ma-po tofu (a Chinese vegetarian dish), the crab claw dish, and many more. Moreover, without noodles, no restaurant can complete its menu list, so Noodles at Red Rose Chinese Restaurant is one of the special dishes they serve. Wine is also an essential part of the place.

2. T & K Seafood

T & K Seafood

At Toy and Kid (T & K Seafood), located at the intersection of Yaowarat Road and Thanon Phadung Dao Street, is one of the bustling restaurants in Chinatown, where great food is the only preference of the owners and the customers.

You will not find any fancy design or decor in this place, but one thing is guaranteed, and that is mouth-watering, healthy food.

The outdoor area is the best one at T & K Restaurant, but the inside zone also remains pack with food-lovers. If you love luxury or fancy décor, then this place will be a big disappointment to you, however, if quality food is what you’re looking for, it’s 100% for you.

It serves fish with different kinds of sauce, and crabs, barbecued prawns, and seafood soup are so yummy.

3. Tang Jai Yoo


One of the renowned restaurants in the most mouth-watering place, Tang Jai Yoo would be the great option for you with its shark's fin soup and stewed goose feet.

However, roast suckling pig is what everyone loves the most in the city. With its tempting atmosphere, excellent culinary scene, and lively people, no doubt Tang Jai Yoo is not a by-the-way restaurant in Chinatown, so you should add it to your bucket list.

4. Cotton Breakfast Restaurant

Cr.Shanghai Mansion

A new Jazz bar, in Shanghai Mansion Hotel, Cotton is a breath of fresh air in Chinatown, because it features a cozy environment to its customers.

With rattan armchairs, antique décor, and the old-age gramophones, this Thai jazz has a lot to offer in its plate. Cotton’s menu includes deep-fried angel mushrooms, gold shrimp rolls, and crab meat with broccoli.

The spiral-iron staircase enhances the beauty of the restaurant, so never write it off of your bucket list.

5. Lek and Rut Seafood


A small street stall was once the least famous restaurant in Chinatown, but with time, tourists discover its delightful food, and it never looked back after that. People from all over the earth flock here to eat black crab, shells, and fresh fish.

The rates at the place are also reasonable, but the quality of the food is out of this world. Moreover, if you love chaotic, exotic, and crowded locations, this is for you. People love to spend time with their loved ones in the restaurant.

6. Hua Seng Hong Restaurant


One of Yaowarat’s expensive option, Hua Seng Hong is a Bangkok Restaurant with a high-quality seafood menu, and it also offers sweet treats to enjoy after a meal.

If you taste the yellow curry with crab meat, you will probably not eat anything else after that. It is mouth-watering to watch and yummy to taste. Furthermore, Crepe Cake (Thai dessert) is another delicious thing you can’t ignore.

Long story short, Hua Seng Hong Restaurant is ultra-modern, clean, and a perfect location in Chinatown to enjoy Chinese-Thai Food.

7. Odean Crab Noodle Soup

Cr.The Roaming Cook

A super-clean place to eat exquisite food, Odean Crab Noodle Soup, located behind Wat Traimit, near the Chinese gate of Odean Circle, is famous for serving traditional yellow-egged noodles with a light and clear soup, but its crab claw dish sells like hot cake.

8. Jok Kitchen

Without a shadow of a doubt, Jok Kitchen deserves to be in the top-rated restaurants in Chinatown as it serves high-quality Thai-Chinese seafood to its customers.

Being the most comfortable place with simple décor, everyone should give it a shot at least for once in their life. It will give you unforgettable memories for the rest of your life.


Now, we have provided you the list of the best restaurants in Thailand Chinatown, so whenever you get an opportunity to travel to the country, and especially, Bangkok, do try at least any of the mentioned food points. It will give you an ever-lasting experience for sure.

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