Bangkok is known as the capital of Thailand. It is quite a large country. It is known to the world due to its amazing street life which is full of energy and is vibrant.

Not only that, Bangkok is quite popular due to its shrines that are ornate. Not only this, it is home to many of the temple and these temples are quite famous as well.

Thais are quite fond of their heritage as well. Even the tourists and the foreigners who live there love this city quite a lot even though there is a big traffic problem here.

In Thai, Bangkok is called Krung Thep Maha Nakhon. But, in more general terms, it is known as Krung Thep.

Don Mueang Airports

There are 2 airports that you can find in Bangkok. All are quite good too.

Their airports are also quite great and their airports have got amazing looks too. They are well maintained and decorated to look more appealing to the eyes of the viewers.

Among these, one of the airports is known as Don Mueang International Airport which is, in short, is known as DMK.

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Don Mueang International Airport

The Don Mueang International Airport is an amazing airport and is one of those two airports which is used for international purposes. The other one is known as Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK).

An amazing fact about this airport is that it is one of those airports who are quite old and is the oldest one who is operation in Asia.

This airport is more popular due to the regional airlines it has along with great budget lines as well. This airport was opened as the base of a Royal Thai Air Force, but now it is as an airport, in 1914.

But, if you are into airports to know more about them then you should take a look down below where there is a guide of this airport available from where you can learn a lot about this airport.

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The doors of this airport were opened to the public in 1924. It is also the oldest operating airport in Asia.

This airport was closed when Suvarnabhumi Airport was opened for international flights.

But as the new routes got added and the low-cost’s observed by the Thais, they reopened this DMK Airport again.

One of the facts about this airport is that the foreigners have quite a difficulty in pronouncing their names and often forget which airport they are supposed to be arrived from or depart from.

You can find this airport in the northern suburbs of Bangkok. This airport is a good option for those people who are in downtown Bangkok and want a cheap flight to fly off to some other place (it does not matter whether it is in Thailand or some other country).

This airport is a two-story building. There are a lot of parts which will give you a sign that the airport is a century old.

It does need an upgrade though due to its being quite old. Most of the areas of this airport have already received an upgrade.

It will be not a surprise if you are trying to find some building while you navigate your map.

Sleep and Food

Amari Don Mueang International Airport Hotel

This airport is so much peaceful if it gets compared to the Suvarnabhumi Airport. It is much quieter. Due to which the experience of this airport is referred to as quite breezier.

A lot of food options are available here as well. There are a variety of food courts and as well as coffee shops here including Burger King and a 7-11.

Furthermore, there is also an Irish Pub here as well where you can enjoy pre-holiday pints too.

If you have the finance then you check yourself to the Amari Don Mueang International Airport Hotel for a nice sleep on a proper bed instead of sleeping in the airport on some upright chair.

You can also find the VIP lounges in the airports along with some souvenir shops and money exchangers.


Another point due to which it is considered as being redeemed is the variety of options of transport it provides to travel to the center of Bangkok.

There are two options for you, either you can take a taxi for all the way. Or you can get a taxi that can drop you to the nearest BTS station.

50THB is to be expected if you are getting a taxi from this airport and around 250-350THB which is equalvalent to 7.5-10USD if you want to go into the city. This also includes the toll fees.

But, if you are tight on budget, you can catch a local bus which will cost you around 30THB which is 1USD. This bus usually stops at the most of those destinations who are considered as major in downtown.

But I won't recommend you to take the bus as they are very inconvenient to commute if you have many luggages with you.

Lastly, there is an upcoming Airport Railink from DMK Airport to the inner city. It is currently building and will be operated by 2020.

This will improves the transportation of Don Mueang International Airport by many times!


So this airport is quite great in a lot of many ways which you have seen above.

It is perfect if you see it according to the budget reasons as it provides such packages which are quite good for the customers to travel by air.

The transport is quite good and affordable. The airport is also decorated nicely and is quite appealing to the eyes of the viewers as it gives you a sign that the building is a century old.

The variety of food you can get is quite amazing as well.

Furthermore, you can get a good sleep. In general, this airport is quite good for any foreigner or local to use.


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