You may have already been familiar with this amazing city, Bangkok. Bangkok is the capital of the country known as Thailand.

This city is specifically famous due to its street life which is quite vibrant and as well as due to the reason of having exquisite ornate shrines.

Bangkok has also some canals which get filled due to the feeding of water provided by the river, Chao Phraya which flows across the royal district of Rattanakosin.

This district is home to many temples such as Wat Phra Kaew Temple, Wat Arun Temple, and Wat Pho Temple. Not only that, but it is also home to the amazing Grand Palaces as well.

Bangkok is one of those amazing cities that have quite many things for any kind of person to enjoy. This place is also good if you see it as a tourist destination.

There is a lot of sightseeing that can be done in Bangkok. This can be a nice experience as well for the person who will experience it.

Overall, a tourist would love their visit if any tourist decides to come to Bangkok.

The Grand Palace


One of the amazing places that tourist should target is the exquisite Grand Palace of Bangkok. This place is quite popular among the tourists.

It is considered as one of the landmarks of Bangkok.

It has quite the characteristics that tourists will fall in love with. Whoever visits Bangkok for a trip have to visit this amazing place due to the exquisite taste it has.

You can learn a lot about Bangkok if you do decide to visit this place.

Not only that you will enjoy it, but you will also get to learn a lot about it as well.

Some of the things that you should be guided about while making a tour there are as follows especially if it would be the first time you are visiting there:

Photo by Greg Nunes / Unsplash

  1. It has got some pagodas which are made of gold. Not only that, the Grand Palace has got some interesting mosaic detailing as well which you should see if you go there. Furthermore, you will witness the demon guards which will be standing on the main gates of the temple just for the purpose of protection.
  2. When you will reach there, you will be welcomed by the yelling as that place is full of people and a lot of things would be told to you by other people that you will not be able to enter the gates without the tickets and some other like you cannot be able to enter without a proper dress as well which is all a lie. This is just business for the people who are there.
  3. You will be greeted by two big gates of the palace. These gates will be playing the role of a perimeter around the whole palace.
  4. The streets across the road which you would find there. They would be selling a lot of items there. You can get t-shirts, pants and as well as sarongs just in case if you have not come prepared.
  5. After entering the Grand Palaces, you will be able to get tickets to form a proper ticket booth yourself. So you should be careful of the conman standing outside the palace to con new people there.

Photo by Taylor Simpson / Unsplash

  1. The Grand Palace is like a Disneyland, but of Thailand of course. It has a lot of crowns there.
  2. Thai people hold it very dear to their hearts. Not only that, but the Grand Palace is also considered as one of the most sacred sites of Buddhists as well. During the heyday that was between 1782 to 1985, this place was like a city within another city. The Grand Palace was home to the Thai king officially, and also a Royal Court. Furthermore, it was also a ministry of the Thai war and as well as the government’s administrative seat along with that it is considered as the mint of Thailand.
  3. In the current era, there is no royal living there. But still, this place, a historical building, remains the Thai Kingdom’s, spiritual heart.
  4. It is still being used for royal ceremonies. Furthermore, it is also used for state functions, government offices, and as well as one of the most important tourist attraction of Bangkok as well.
  5. The Outer Court from where you will enter into the palace was used to be the home to government departments. These departments were those departments such as the civil administration in which the King was directly involved with.
  6. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is right to the Outer Court. It is the most important temple. This temple was home to the Phra Kaew Morakot known as the Emerald Buddha.
  7. On the upper platform, you will be greeted by the Royal Pantheon which was supposed to be the home of the Emerald Buddha. But, it got destroyed by the fire at one time then after being restored it is now home to all of the kings of the Chakri Dynasty.
  8. Some other things you should also be familiar with are the royal reception halls along with the dress code that should wear there.
  9. Be prepared or the heat and reach their early in the morning to avoid crowds along with some comfortable shoes.

Locations :


In conclusion, The Grand Palace is not a place which you can just go at any time you want to especially if you are not the local there.

You would not love the experience at all. You should have some knowledge or some kind of guide that can help you to know about this amazing place more.

Especially for those people who would love to know about the Grand Palace has to plan this trip properly if they want to enjoy it.

Otherwise, their experience will be quite negative and they will not be able to learn about anything at all.

But overall, its beauty definitely worth the time!