A trip to Thailand for a holiday will not be completely interesting if you do not include Thailand’s national martial arts into your vacation itinerary

It does not matter if you are a hardcore fan or just have a sort of passive interest; you really do not want to miss out on this.

Even if you are searching for a Bangkok Muay Thai gym that focuses on beginners like you, you will surely find lots of options too.

Before choosing Bangkok as your vacation destination, you must have known that this city at the East is mostly referred to as the sin City. The nickname is well deserved as you will be occupied with:

• Exotic foods
• Wild nightlife, and;
• Amazing sightseeing options

However, even though the city is mostly linked with hedonistic indulgences, it is also regarded as the mecca for fans of Muay Thai

You will be able to watch world-class stadium fights, engage in the ever-glorious Muay Thai gear shopping and even have the opportunity to train with legends as well as some of the best you can find in the sport.

So many people that visit Thailand only visit for the sake of enjoying things like:

• Amazing beaches
• Warm waters, and;
• Highly impressive hospitality

With all these, the reason why Thailand is an awesome vacation destination is no longer far fetched.

While you can get involved with all the tanning, diving and snorkeling, you can also try out the Thailand Muay Thai as well. Thailand is actually where Thai boxing originated from.

So, Which Bangkok Muay Thai Gym Should You visit?

When visitors first make their way to Thailand, they tend to find it quite hard to locate the right Bangkok Muay Thai gym that will get them started on their beginner’s journey to the perfection of Muay Thai.

You will get to find out that there are so many Thailand Muay Thai gyms all around, but we will be analyzing the best five you will not regret placing in your itinerary.

These five are the highly famous choices of tourists.

1. Banchamek Gym

Cr.Muay Thai Camps in Thailand

When we talk about Muay Thai, it is unheard of not to add Buakaw Banchamek to the discussion. For those who are surely unaware, he is the household name in the Muay Thai sport.

This is as a result of his universal success in K1 and some other promotions. Undermining all of his successes he still managed to open his own Thailand Muay Thai Gym.

He has one situated in his home town in Surin and yet another in Bangkok. People say that he spends so much time at the gym in Surin, but his Bangkok Muay Thai Gym pack in more fighters since Bangkok is actually the home for significant fights.

However, the gym is an interesting place to learn Muay Thai. Asides from Buakaw, there are so many other athletes of high ranking that train at the gym. This gets to attract individuals from various locations.

2. Sitmonchai Gym

Ct.Muay Thai Camps in Thailand

It is amazing how this name is such a big one in the Thailand Muay Thai Gyms right now. This is because this gym has produced and still currently producing so many fighters and champions that are highly successful today.

If you are in search of a real Thailand Muay Thai Gym that will allow you to really step up whatever game you may have, Sitmonchai is certainly your best bet.

3. Petchyindee Academy

Cr.Petchyindee MuayThai

As its name already suggests, it is a very professional academy where every single thing is top-notch. Also, the academy has been in the competitive race for the best gym of the year for quite several times and has also produced the fighters of the year as well.

While the academy is not a cheap one, its quality speaks loudly for it. It is a great Bangkok Muay Thai Gym for newbies. Not to forget, it has an on-site hotel that is ideal for tourists who want to get deeply immersed in the whole Muay Thai experience.

You are free to pay for either private or group sessions. This is because it will make no sense to sign up for a course and get involved in what you will not like to do.

Additionally, there are excellent trainers and modern equipment at this gym.
In the same vein, you will get to see a sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room, and also an option to purchase very healthy Thai food. You will get engaged in some general fitness classes such as Zumba.

This Thailand Muay Thai Gym trains both males and females, and it is extremely terrific for individuals who want to focus on all-around fitness and learn the art of Muay Thai instead of being for those who have the burning desire to venture into an expert boxing ring.

4. Luktupfah Gym


This Thailand Muay Thai Gym has experienced so many owners over time. It has even been under management for quite a while. However, it still manages to attract so many high profile fighters plus newbies and amateurs.

Although it is quite far when compared to some other Bangkok Muay Thai gyms, believe us that it is worth your entire trip.

While it is situated at the outskirts of Bangkok, this gym provides its students with a homestay atmosphere that is completely detached from the distraction of the city. It has trainers for various levels.

5. Mankong Phranai Muay Thai


This Thailand Muay Thai Gym is totally different but in a good sense. Although it is small when it is being compared to the majority of the other gyms on this list, it, however, makes use of really amazing coaches that will not only hold your pads but will correct your techniques and drop some real fight tips that can help in enhancing your game.

Some tourists are usually scared of going in because of the size, and it gets really crowded after work. Here, the students know one another, and events are usually organized outside of the normal training sessions.

Summing It Up

As we stated earlier, do not forget to add Muay Thai to your vacation itinerary. Even if you are not much of a fan, you are sure to enjoy yourself by just watching the fights that go on there.

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