Thailand is the city for vacation lovers. It is the most visited place by foreigners as it is full of exciting views.

The place is famous for its hospitality for the tourist. It contains a wide range of mountains and beautiful views.

Another thing about the place is that the place is good for food lovers as you can experience a wide range of seafood and other items as well.

Thailand is also known as Siam back in the day and it is located in the center of The South-East Asia Indochinese peninsula.

The total population of Thailand is 68 million, which is the 50th largest country in the world.

But for visiting the place you need to find what the actual price for living in the country.

For finding the place with cheaper rates first you have to think about what the place for living in Thailand is.

For the ordinary tourists, it is obvious to find out the best and affordable places for living.

Now in this article, I am going to tell you about the places for living to find out how much you need for living in Thailand.

The most common places for living in Thailand.

1. Living in Chiang Mai

Walking Street Market Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai is the best place for the entrepreneurs as they can settle in no time and can establish their businesses.

Chiang Mai is becoming the hotspot for Southeast Asia. You will find many of the travelers are living here.

The facility of health care and the other basic things are always available. You have to keep in mind that for living in the Chiang Mai, you have to spend around 20,000THB to 50,000THB for a month.

Now you briefly know how much you need in Chiang Mai, let's talk a bit about Bangkok.

2. Living in Bangkok

Photo by Wanaporn Yangsiri / Unsplash

Bangkok is the largest and the capital city of Thailand and you can experience many of the things there.

The interesting thing about Bangkok is while its a capital city, you can still enjoy the delicious food at affordable prices.

According to some of the surveys it is estimated that for living in Bangkok you have to spend about 30,000THB to 100,000THB which is totally dependent upon your choice of living.

Transportation is always available in the city so you don’t have to worry about moving from one place to another.

Now let’s talk about the other expenses that you have to bare for living in Thailand.

1. Eat

The first thing which always borders the visitor is the food that is much needed for the living.

Many of the travelers don’t want to visit any place because they don’t find something good to eat.

You don’t have to worry about the food when visiting Thailand at all! Because a wide range of food is available to eat.

The restaurants always make sure that the customers get healthy food so they always use fresh items for preparing the food.

Food in Thailand is less expensive on the street, the amount needed is only 50THB to full fill your stomach.

But if you prefer to eat at the mall, it will be more expensive yet still affordable. It cost only around 150THB to 300THB per meal.

The imported beer will cost you around 80THB and the domestic beer will cost you 50THB.

The water bottle will cost you 10THB. If you desire to drink cappuccino then you have to spend 60THB.

And for the Starbuck? It's 150THB.

2. Commute

The other thing which is necessary for the visitors is transportation.

Thailand gives a wide range of transportation system for the visitors so they can easily explore many of the places while living in the country.

The Taxi normal price is starting from 35THB. The calculated fare for 1 km going for the taxi is 10THB. The price of gasoline in the country is around 30THB for the liter.

The subway BTS and MRT are the most common transportation chioce in the inner city. It cost around 20THB to 40THB per ride.

But you should know that these two subways are operate by a different company, if you are to transfer from one to another, you need to buy a separate ticket.

The buses fare is rather cheap. There are two types of buses, one is without air conditioning and one with air conditioning.

The air conditioning buses are only 20THB per ride and the one without are 8THB.

While buses are rather cheap, you have to keep in mind that it can be difficult for tourists or foreigners to communicate.

The most popular choice of transportation in Bangkok is Motocycle Taxi. It is very convenient way if you travel in a short distance. The price starting from 10THB.

3. Clothing

Many of the visitors are fond of shopping while traveling to other places and they always required to find some of the imported items so they can buy and take them when they went back to their native country.

If you seem to find some clothing items at an affordable price then you can visit the shopping malls in Thailand.

You have to spend 1,800THB for buying the pair of jeans and 1,000THB for buying the summer dresses.

What about a pair of Nike shoes? It's 2,000THB to 4,000THB.

4. House Rent

For 1 bedroom apartment for only 14,000THB and 3 bedroom apartment for 38,000THB depending upon the place you like to live in.

If you live nearby the the BTS or MRT, the cost will goes up significantly. 1 bedroom condominuim can cost upto 20,000THB and 3 bedroom condominuim will cost upto 60,000THB

For Chiang Mai, the renting is much lower than in Bangkok. Renting a whole house would cost just 20,000THB per month.


In conclusion, the cost of living in Thailand is very affordable. You may find it very attractive to live in while still having wide range of places to explore.

I've heard that many people from around the world come to live in Thailand after their retirement.

The minimum cost to live in Bangkok with good quality renting and foods are just around 50,000THB per month. But if you prefer more luxury, you would have to spend around 100,000THB per month.

And in case you love less crowded city, Chiang Mai is the place you wanto to go and live. The cost of living is significantly lower to just around 30,000THB per month.