Next from Bangkok, Pattaya city is the most prominent and famous place in Thailand and is best known for its sizzling nightlife and breath-taking beaches with crystal clear waters.

As per the records, Thailand is the top-rated tourist country, and Pattaya is giving its fair share in generating millions of revenue for the nation through tourism.

Though plenty of beaches are there in the city to entertain expats as well as locals, however, Pattaya Beach has the charm other beaches can’t match.

Beach Vacation Paradise or the Hawaii of the East, all are the synonyms of Pattaya Beach, and you can imagine the importance of the landmark.

If you are interested in exploring more beaches, we have covered that for you.

Surrounded by a plethora of exciting and entertaining attractions, let’s find out the top five hidden or lesser known places in Pattaya Beach, Thailand.

Significance of Pattaya Beach

It is not an ordinary beach, because its northern and southern sides have great things to discover, including beach hotels, colorful resorts for sightseers or holidaymakers, water sports, and bars.

The north side is quiet and calm, while the south is for business and entertainment programs.

Established within the region of Chon Buri province, Pattaya City is expanding swiftly with time.

There was a point when this extensive land was a tiny fishing village, and it was not in touch with the rest of the world, but an American group discovered and acquainted it to the universe later, and then it didn’t look back.

Earlier, only Pattaya bay was the part of the city, but with time, the nearby beaches are working unusual because of increasing population and their demands.

At Pattaya Beach, you can have fun with your family and friends by taking part in any of the renowned water sports, including parasailing, jet-skiing, riding, windsurfing, speed-boating, scuba diving, and water skiing.

Other than these games, one can discover more about the place by searching its surroundings, and you will feel happy to know there are plenty of fascinating places that are not so notable in the international world.

So let’s find out the 5 hidden or less famous points in the vicinity of Pattaya Beach. Check them out!

5 tourist attractions in Pattaya Beach, Thailand

You may only have heard about the scintillating nightlife at the Bay, or water sports.

However, plenty of attractions within the locality of the beach are there that are unfamiliar to the modern world, so the five tourist attractions or the hidden places in Pattaya Beach are:

1. Teddy Bear Museum

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One of the rarest museums in the universe, Teddy Bear Museum is also the ideal place for the kids of Pattaya.

Nestled at the northern end of Beach Road, Teddy Island is a fantastic and family place in Thailand, and it is highly popular among Asians.

By taking a tour bus, you can not only save your time as well as touch the exhibits in the museum.

Inaugurated in 2013, the story of the extended display passes through different zones that you can learn whenever you hit the place.

With reasonable prices of 500 baht for adults and 300 baht for kids, Teddy Bear Museum is a must-see attraction in Pattaya Beach.

2. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum

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Designed and established to balance three elements include strange, shocking, and beautiful, the museum is a theme-based monument inspired by Ripley’s Believe It or Not books, and it has over eight art galleries that are enough to blow your mind, to be honest.

With over 350 rare collections of oddities, Ripley’s Museum is one of the topnotch choices for the kids.

3. Alcazar Cabaret Show


Not so famous among the expats, Alcazar Cabaret Show is an impressive show, and it features an all-ladyboy cast of singers and dancers dressed up in flashy costumes. A family show that put smile and happiness on others’ faces for 70 long minutes.

Settled on the 2nd Road of North Pattaya, Alcazar Cabaret Show uses state-of-the-art light and sound system as it gives almost perfect old-fashioned, glamour and entertainment on a broader scale.

Aand after putting a lot of efforts, the cast and crew of the show make the night pleasant and active with their performances.

4. Art in Paradise


Art in Paradise, one of the stunning attractions in the vicinity of Pattaya Beach that located at the north side of the beach is a next level art gallery, where you will find three-dimensional portraits and paintings.

All the exhibits are highly interactive that if you look closely, you will find out the cleverness of the artists.

With the help of shading and borders, painters have entirely painted the walls of the gallery to create funny as well as intriguing images that look real to the eyes even at a very short distance.

5. Wat Chaimongkol


Located at the end of South Pattaya Road, a grand royal temple, Wat Chaimongkol highlights the cultural and religious side of the country, and especially, that particular region of Pattaya.

The temple represents the traditional values of Buddhism, and everything in that building attracts sightseers to come and explore more about it.

However, the majority of foreigners didn’t know about the temple, but the situation is getting changed now, thanks to the internet.

When it comes to the shape of the monument, the picturesque façade, as well as its fascinating interior, are captivating and worth seeing.

Moreover, a standing Buddha Statue is over 350 years old, but still in a very excellent condition.

The parking space of the temple becomes home to shopping and other cultural attraction at the time of Buddhist holiday celebrations, where even outsiders are encouraged to take part in the event.


The above 5 places in the vicinity of Pattaya Beach are worth seeing for sure.

However various other attractions are still hidden from the eyes of the world, including Tiffany Show, Fitness Park, Pattaya Viewpoint and Pattaya Sign, and Bali Hai Pier.

So, whenever you get a chance to hit the land of Thailand, and especially, Pattaya, don’t forget to explore every nook and corner of the place.