Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. The city is the largest city of Thailand which consists of vibrant street life and best known for the ornate shrines.

In this article, you will find an interesting fact related to the Best Massage Spas in Bangkok.

Bangkok consists of many of the temples such as Wat Arun temple, Wat Pho temple and the reclining of the Buddha. The boat filled Chao Phraya River is gives the best view that follows the Rattanakosin royal district.

Usually, Bangkok is considered as the most visited place for the tourist because of its spas, streets, beaches and the food.

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Massage is the basic necessity for the human to get relax or get rid of the daily routine life.

People usually try to visit Massage spas break out the stresses they encounter in their busy schedule.

The thing is to visit the massage parlor you are assured to get the professional massage that you cannot do at home.

Bangkok is considered as the best place for different types of massages and they have hired some professionals that are fully trained to help you in getting out the stresses.

Now let's go through out list on The 5 Best Spas in Bangkok.

1. Asia Herb Association

Asia Herb Association
Cr.Asia Herb Association

Asia Herb Association provides the best massage treatment for the foreigners and for the locals as well.

It has only 3 locations in the entire Bangkok. It is the best choice for those who want to get relax in no time and wanted the treatment very fast.

The best thing about this association is you can book the spa in no time and the receptionists are able to speak English so you don’t have to worry about the language.

You just have to book the spa and pick up the time so that you can get there to select the type of massage that you want for yourself.

If you want the Thai massage then you have to be ready to spend 400THB and the time limit is 1 hour.

This association provides the oil massage, the Thai herbal ball treatment, and the scrubs.

When you go there you have asked to write about your health issues. They also ask about certain areas of the body where you want to get a massage.

The best thing about the question is that you are also asking about the pressure that you can sustain.

If you want to go there alone or with another person you can find the private room so that you can enjoy the massage in private.

2. Wat Pho Traditional Massage

Wat Pho Traditional Massage

The next massage center is considered the best massage center that provides traditional Thai massage.

It follows the principle that guides for doing massage with the help of stones in the temple grounds.

The professionals are trained in such a way that it always keeps the honed and cultivated massage skills at the Wat Pho.

Usually, the center is practicing the massage skills from many of the centuries.

This center also running the school for teaching the massage skills to the customers, so, that they can be able to do these massages at home and practice them with their family.

The important thing to remember is that you must book the center before looking around the temple so that you can enjoy the massage otherwise the center gets busy after the midday and you have to wait for the next day.

For enjoying the massage for 1 hour you have to pay about 420THB. You will be offered for the massage in the air conditioning after you visit the temple.

Now you can also enjoy the view from the ceiling window that has been added recently to the temple.

3. Health Land

Health Land
Cr.Health Land

It is the most visited massage center by the locals. The building from the outside looks like the retro mansion and you will get confused but when you come inside you will feel like you are in the hospital.

Many of the locals describe it as the best place for the massage treatment in the entire Bangkok. The place provides the best quality of the facility and provides the massage for two hours.

Only 500THB have to be spending on the massage treatment. You will also get the facility of body polish, foot reflexology and some of the facial treatments.

You can also enjoy the tourmaline sauna and the spa Jacuzzi that is being designed for only one person at a time.

You have to keep in mind that the place is most popular in Bangkok so you have to book it at one or otherwise you have to visit some other places for the massage purpose.

The receptionist and the staff is not friendly for the customers so you have to remember that you cannot do anything foolish.

4. Massage By The Blind

Massage By The Blind

The place is often gaining attention due to its blind staff. You don’t have to worry about the massage that is giving by the blind people because they are fully trained to give the best massage.

The place has given the opportunity for blind people to earn some money using their capabilities.

You have to spend about 200THB for 1 hour of massage. The staff is friendly and provides the best massage to the customers.

5. Local Massage Shops

Massage Shops
Cr.TripCanvas Thailand

If you are walking on the streets of Bangkok you always encounter the local massager's shop.

These massage centers are usually spread over many of the floors.

For the foot massage, you have to book the ground floor and for the Thai massage, you have to go upstairs.

The interesting thing about these spas is that you have to wear the pajamas to look like the old 19th-century laborer.

Keeping in the view about the tourist, many of the staff members speak English so that you are able to communicate with them.


To conclude, the traditional Thai massage is one of the best activities that you could ever get while visiting Thailand.

While there might be lots of local spas available around your area, but if you are truly into this thing, you try the best one in the city.

These experiences are worth taking, so make sure you bookmark this to your plan as well. We are highly recommended!