The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is one of the most beautiful places to visit.

Today, the beautiful city is a place of grandeur and glamour with a touch of tradition and cultural heritage.

From its temples to its world-famous floating market, there are more than enough point of attractions to warrant a visit to Bangkok.

Here are some of the things you should consider doing while visiting Bangkok

1. Wat Arun (The Temple Of Dawn)

Wat Arun

This is one of the most recognized points of attraction in all of southern Asia. It was constructed during the first half of the 19th century. It showcases ornate floral patterns which are evident in its shape.

The Wat Arun symbolizes the birth of the Rattanakosin period and the foundation of the new capital.

The grandeur of this structure is truly compelling both at day and even more compelling at night due to its beautiful lights.

It is absolutely stunning at sunset when the sun is going down and breathtaking when it is being lit up at night time.

2. Soi Cowboy

Cr.Soi Cowboy Bangkok

This place is named after the first cowboy wearing African American opened the first bar in the 1970s. This laid back, adult themed area always has a carnival-like feel to it when compared to other places.

Characterized by neon lights, the colorful streets are most times filled with middle age youths.

Noticeable also is the go-go bars that outline its surroundings. This area is well known for its easy-going lifestyle and its open-mindedness.

3. Wat Pho

Wat Pho

First thing you notice at Wat Pho should be the gigantic reclining Buddha image. But there is really more to it than just that.

The Wat Pho holds way more fascination in its mural collections, sculptures, and inscription.

This nose dives into warfare, archaeology, and astronomy. In the old city, the vast temple garden of the Wat Pho houses a landscaped garden with several stone sculptures.

The traditional Thai massage is also part of the great experience you get at the Wat Pho upon visit.

4. Chinatown

Photo by Kelvin Yup / Unsplash

Everywhere you go, Chinatown holds this exotic yet hectic and jam-packed experience. Well, it is no different in Bangkok.

Lined with market stalls all over, this point is probably the highest concentrated gold shops in the entire Bangkok city.

To experience the full awakening of the Chinatown in Bangkok, the best time to visit is the Chinese new year and the vegetarian festival.

The awakened spirit of celebration and the dynamism of Chinatown is just super amazing. The energy and aura which oozes from the rows of wooden shops are simply contagious.

5. The Floating Market

The Floating Market
Photo by Frida Aguilar Estrada / Unsplash

This authentic and symbolic market was pioneered by Dammoen Saduak. This has been one of the top tourist spots in all of Bangkok.

This market floating on the river is well known for its wooden boats well laden with green farm produce being bought and sold.

Locals food vendors have also taken this experience a notch further by serving bowls of noodles and other seafood on order.

To enjoy this experience to its fullest, try ordering a meal while relaxing on one of the boats while the full action of the market unfolds.

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6. Chao Phraya River And Waterways

Chao Phraya River

The water axis is one of the most visited areas in Bangkok. This scenic area reflects a constantly changing day and nightlife of the area.

From the waterways, you get to see the heavy-laden rice barges arranged upstream placed about a backdrop of shinning temples and luxury hotels.

The surrounding areas are home to some of the oldest settlers in Bangkok. The old houses carefully arranged along the waterways are also part of the best views you can get from the waterways.

7. Jim Thompson’s house

Jim Thompson’s house

Jim Thompson's dedication to the Thai silk and its dying arts for over three decades changed the industry forever.

His legacy is reflected in the vast collection of Thai art collections and antiques, which is now displayed at the Jim Thompson’s house and museum.

If you are an art lover and want to experience Thailand's art first hand, this your cue.

8. Khao San Road

Khaosan Road used to be a major rice market in Bangkok but these days it’s a popular backpacker ghetto.
Photo by Ragnar Vorel / Unsplash

This is the collision point where East greets West. It is the meeting central that is always in an electric mood.

Inhabited here are sleek clubs, beautiful market stores, cocktail bars, local and international restaurants, and a western template feel.

The energy and the carefree vibe of the Khao San road are contagious as it is a mix of international visitors and open-minded Thai locals.

9. Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw

The Grand Palace was built in 1782 and was the home of Thailand’s king and royal court for about 150 years.

The grand palace and Wat Prakeaw commands respect from those that walk its sacred grounds till date.

The beautiful architecture and other in-house decoration will leave you dazed. This points towards the rich talent of craftsmanship and creativity found in Thailand.
The Wat PraKeaw is the temple of the emerald buddha.

This is contained within the complex along with several impressive buildings as well.

10. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Cr.STAY Hotel Bangkok

The diversity in the different collections of merchandise has pushed the Chatuchak weekend market to landmark status. This has ultimately made it a tourist point of attraction.

The diversity rich environment brings most shoppers to this spot and they are rarely disappointed at the things they can buy.

This marketplace is home to more than 8,000 market stores. On a typical weekend market day, more than 200,000 people, both shoppers and tourists alike flock into sieve through this market.

With this huge diversity centered in this place, there is a consortium of colors and it is very beautiful scenery to watch.

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To Wrap It Up

Bangkok, like so many other places in Thailand, has a lot ofattractive points. Other interesting places you could visit aside the above mentioned is its islands and outlining beaches.

You are sure to get the best serene environment best offered by Bangkok.

Hopefully we've covered enough for you to get kick started off the trip to Bangkok. Let us know if you have any other awesome things!