Bangkok is all that can be expected from the capital of Thailand: it is noisy, crowded, colorful, exciting, intoxicating, exasperating, and always induces a smile. There are ancient sites to visit and modern shopping centers that have an upscale vibe.

Bangkok can be overwhelming because its life force strikes you in the face, but it is a fascinating city that represents the tension of Southeast Asia between developed and developing countries.

Besides its fascinating beauty, Bangkok boasts of great dishes which tend to impress both visitors and the locals.

The cuisine mixes the flavors in the same dish in a unique way. The same dish can be sweet, sour, salty and spicy at the same time. This, which usually hits people who are not familiar with Bangkok food, is what makes their enthusiasts fall in love.

Furthermore, Bangkok cuisine is extremely varied, with the area considered a true paradise for food lovers.

Like the rest of the gastronomy in Southeast Asia, Rice is the basis of food, and it is known for being extremely spicy due to the abundance of fresh herbs and the famous fish sauce that gives it such a characteristic flavor.

The phrase "no spicy" is mandatory if you are not accustomed to Bangkok cuisine of high spice intensity.

Among the main seasonings are curry, bell pepper, cumin, garlic, ginger, basil, lime, lemon grass, coriander, pepper, turmeric, and shallot.

Top 5 Bangkok Cuisine you should try

To live the Bangkok experience, you have to try the cuisine. You'll have no trouble finding vendors to tempt you with treats, and you have not really enjoyed the city without eating grilled meats and fish, soups, fresh fruit and a myriad of other dishes.

Bangkok cuisine comes as an experience par excellence, where one immerses oneself in a delicious (albeit mysterious) meal, surrounded by the chaos and heat of the city.

Top 5 of such dishes include:

1. Pad Thai

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Probably the most famous dish among tourists in Bangkok, Pad Thai is not a spicy dish and combines a bit of everything.

It is made up of fried noodles mixed with soybeans, vegetables, chicken, shrimp, egg, onion, and also seasoned with soy sauce, and sugar.

While consuming the Pad Thai, an explosion of flavors and textures in your mouth is all you will notice from the first minute, and that will continue until you leave the plate clean.

2. Som Tum (Spicy Papaya Salad)

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If you have not given your taste buds a spicy treat, maybe you should give the Som Tum a try. Attention, this dish is reserved for lovers of thrills, as it is a dish that is eaten very spicy!

It is a salad of green papaya cut in slices and crushed with other ingredients such as fish sauce, mini tomatoes, lemon, peanuts, and very strong peppers. Furthermore, the papaya is usually white, crispy and a little insipid.

But do not be discouraged, the insipidity is totally hidden when all the ingredients are added. Most especially, the fish sauce absorbs the papaya and harmonizes the flavor of the entire dish. The end result is an interesting peppery-sweet-spicy taste

3. Khanom Mo Kaeng (Egg Custard Coconut Milk)

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If you love daring combinations, don't miss the Khanom mo Kaeng, a creamy dessert prepared with eggs, flour, palm sugar, and coconut milk and accompanied by fried onions.

This meal also comes as a real taste of Bangkok, with its strong flavors and surprising contrasts.

4. Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)


Prince herb, shallots, fish sauce, lime juice, and chili leaves make up the base of this aromatic typical Bangkok dish. The soup is complete with the addition of fresh mushrooms and prawns.

Also, it is a very complicated dish that must be made by expert hands to be tasty and maintain the right balance between the ingredients.

You might not like the first taste given the peculiarity of the ingredients, but must be tasted at least once on your visit to Bangkok.

5. Bami Kiau Moo Grop (Crispy Pork Noodle)

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This refers to a Bangkok noodle soup which is made with yellow noodles, crispy pork, and small wonton dumplings.

The soup is usually found at the mobile food stalls with yellow signs. After preparation, it tends to be a clear broth in which the noodles are cooked.

When preparing the Bami Kiau Moo Grop, chopped vegetables (often a kind of celery) are sometimes added to make it tastier.

The soup is also available in other varieties with red-roasted pork and also without soup, so the whole dish tends to be dry.

You would have to spice up the soup yourself with the spices available on the table - fish sauce, chili powder, ground peanuts, pickled chilies, etc.

When it comes to noodle soups, this comes as the favorite dish of most Bangkok visitors.


In conclusion, If there is anything that fills any Bangkok local with pride, it is her kitchen. Bangkok food is undoubtedly among the best in the world and that is why in many large cities around the globe, restaurants offering Bangkok meals abound.

The gastronomy in Bangkok is a separate attraction, and every tourist should give it a try! Very aromatic, it uses a wide variety of spices and seasonings in its preparation as earlier stated.

In the same dish, there is usually a mixture of sweet, bitter and acidic flavors that, at first, may seem strange to visitors but in the end, each Bangkok Cuisine never fails to seduce the taste buds of everyone as highlighted above.