There are many beaches out there in Thailand where you can enjoy your vacation.

But Thailand is becoming more touristy each year so you may find popular beaches are full of tourists and getting quite poluted.

This is not so surprise because Thailand attracts the tourists because of its rich culture of having great temples, museums and also the royal palaces.

It also offers a great range of food and drinks at affordable prices and famous for its nightlife.

Apart from all these features of Thailand, It is indeed the country which possesses many beautiful beaches for both tourists and locals.

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There may be a lot of beaches which are already touristy.

But the good news is there are still many beaches in Thailand which are so beautiful and process mesmerizing scenes and are still away from the tourists reach.

Because for some reason, they may be lack of information about them.

The following are The 8 Non-Touristy Beaches in Thailand which are still away from the tourists:

1.Railay, Krabi

Railay, Krabi
Photo by Sumit Chinchane / Unsplash

Railay is a neck of land between Krabi and the Ao Nang.

The thing that makes it so unusual is that it can be only touched by ship due to an immense limestone rock face that can be a lure for rock hikers with at smallest amount of 500 trails.

You will find 5-star hotels in West Railay, and also can have bungalows and budget-friendly somewhere to stay in order to spend the day on the white filthy beach which is away from the landmass.

2. Koh Kood

Koh Kood

Koh Kood is also identified as Ko Kut.

It is Thailand’s fourth-leading but least populous island with seaside compared to the ones in the Maldives.

It is situated on the eastern sideways of the Bay. Around it is no pubs and clubs, so if one after a moment of evening impulsiveness, this is not the place for such people.

The west shore has wonderful seaside and it is the place where resorts are.

Also you should visit Klong Chao Falls where one gets an opportunity to swim and additional activities like kayaking, mountaineering and trail bike riding can be availed too.

3. Hua Hin

Hua Hin

Thailand has a placed Hua Hin which is 200km from south of Bangkok.

It is basically a fishing town and the best holiday terminus for native Thais and the ones who adore the 8km spring of terribly white sand.

There are numerous beach forward-facing resorts one can choose from, a tiring captivating food and yield market, spending and eateries.

You can also join a cooking class there keeping in mind the hot chili peppers.

The seaside is uncrowded, on the other hand, the nightspots are lively enough to relish wandering from one place to another place and infuse up the feel.

4. Pansea, Phuket

Pansea, Phuket

Staying at one of the aristocratic resorts on the Pansea beach that can be Chedi or Amanpur and one can also get special access to the spring of ecstasy.

On the other hand as seashores located in Thailand are not lawfully set apart, so if one really requires to perform on this little 250 meters wide seashore of Pansea then there is a sheer way that is almost hidden subsequent to Surin Beach.

5. Nai Harn Beach, Phuket

Nai Harn Beach, Phuket
Cr.Amity Wellness

For the people who really want to visit, Nai Harn is some of the best popular seashores in Phuket.

The worthy thing is that not a lot of people know that it has inordinate swaying from the month of November to April, strong undercurrents can happen in the middle of May and December.

Snorkelers and swimmers cranium fair south to the grimy cove of Ya Nui.

6. Kamala Beach, Phuket

Kamala Beach, Phuket

As the north of eventful Patong and its yards, swarming beach and nightspots is the considerable discreet Kamala Beach.

It is a harpooning village hemmed in a haven and hemmed in by mountains covered in a wooded area.

It is certainly off the plot for many tourists, on the other hand, those who are fond of peace and noiseless place will adore such places.

One can get a beach bodywork, have bathing, drink at any of the inns and eat at confined eateries. There is correspondingly a bit of stand shopping when one's wallet requires to slack.

7. Freedom Beach, Phuket

Freedom Beach, Phuket
Cr.Travel Drink Dine

It is well-thought-out to be the utmost beautiful coastline on Phuket, gross an extended tail ship 15 minutes on or after Patong to silent Freedom Seashore and pace ashore on to the easygoing white shingle in the specific private natural harbor.

Breathing apparatus with steamy fish, dip, rent a seat and sun umbrella. On sometimes it is a little congested, a number of times one will come to be situated the entire beach to oneself.

Restaurants and eateries are by the side of the southern end the place where the preeminent snorkeling is, or take an eat al fresco with the people.

8. Lamai Beach, Samui

Lamai Beach, Samui
Cr.Koh Samui

Unobtrusive than it’s superior neighbor Chaweng, on the other hand still with sufficiently to offer in positions of dwellings to stay, have and workshop.

You will notice the tendency of poignant away on or after a cheap as well as cheerful and yet into further high-end contributions.

You can also check out Lamai Night Market Place which is a small kind of Bangkok’s Pat pong by means of heaps of inexpensive blow-offs.

9. Koh Kradan, Trung (Extra)

Koh Kradan, Trung

Conglaturation! For anyone who read upto this point, we've got an extra beach for you.

Koh Kradan (Plank Island) is in the Trung province sounthern part of Thailand. You have to ride a boat for an hour from the main land to this island.

This island is very small and can only accommodate a few guests. Because of this reason, it is indeed a very quite and non-touristy beach, yet very beautiful!


Conclusion, the popular beaches used to be more beautiful than nowdays. But it is becoming less beautiful as more tourists visited there each year.

But Thailand seems to have an unlimit amount of resources for your vacation as there are still many non-touristy beaches to visit.

Lastly, please bare in mind that all of above beaches can be damaged by tourist as well.

So if you have a chance to visit there, make sure you try to keep its environment clean.

If you have any suggestion of the places beyond our list, let us know!