One thing to remember before visiting Thailand is that the Thai People are culturally conservative and modest, something to keep in mind when packing and preparing for your visit to the country.

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In Thailand, unlike other tourist destinations, your dress code will be forced to change depending on which place you will be visiting, be it the beach, jungle or the famous old temples dotted around the country.

But you don't have to worry no more, here are our tips on What to wear in Thailand for your holidays


Thailand is in a tropical region. This makes it a warm country that is often humid and sunny. When you look at the weather statistics, it might be tempting for you to want to carry clothing that’s ideal for the weather conditions which is okay.

The only challenge you will face is the one mentioned above, that the Thai Can be conservative. Yes, you can behave or dress in a liberal manner as a tourist but there are limits to that.

To help make sure that you pack right for your trip to Thailand, we will divide this guide into subsections to help you decide on what to wear depending on where you will be.

Beach Wear


If you are going to be visiting many of Thailand’s beaches, then you can pack your Bikinis and other normal beachwear. Most Thai’s go to the beach wearing their bikinis so you won’t feel out of place.

In addition, the Thai respect other people’s culture; chances are you won’t be judged for how you dress if you are wearing the average Bikini and top.

However, if you love sunless sunbathing or string bikinis, then you might have to reconsider. In Thailand, that will be regarded as highly inappropriate.

You can do it if you like because you won’t be arrested for it but the strange and uncomfortable stares will certainly come your way.

Jungle Wear


Like any other jungle, exposing too much skin while hiking through a jungle might not be a great idea. You will be ravaged by mosquitoes and other small insects.

The best clothing for Thailand’s jungles would be special clothing that is waterproof, as you will pass through areas with very high humidity. You also need to have your clothing treated with a mosquito repellent to keep them away.

For a multiple day camping trip, besides the clothing, have a mosquito repellant on hand that you can always spread over your body to prevent mosquito bites.

One important thing you need to have for traversing Thailand’s jungles are good quality hiking shoes. You can also wear regular shoes; you just have to make sure that they have a firm grip to prevent yourself from slipping.

Rainy Season Wear


Thailand is a warm country but when it rains, it does rain. If you are visiting the country from June to October, be sufficiently prepared, as you will encounter rain every day until the rainy season is over.

You don’t necessarily have to bring a raincoat as you can get that in any of the shops around Bangkok and other cities. However, you will need to have specialized footwear that is water resistant and comes with a great grip.

Do not be tempted to wear sneakers while it’s raining. Sneakers fast lose their grip and they get wet fast, which is not ideal for you.

Temple Wear


As had been mentioned above, the Thai People are conservative. One thing that you may see as ridiculous but still overly important to the Thai is that they have a dress code required for all their religious and government buildings.

You have to wear clothes that cover your knees and shoulders. This applies to both men and women. In case you forget and go out to a temple wearing a sleeveless shirt, you can loan a sarong before you enter the temple that you can use to cover your shoulders.

If you are visiting a temple and your hotel is nearby, then go out wearing flip-flops or compatible shoes, as you won’t be allowed to enter a Thai Temple with your shoes on.

Thai Rooftop Bars

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Thailand has many exclusive and posh rooftop bars situated at the top of its skyscrapers.

Most tourists assume that since they are bars, there won’t be strict rules, which isn’t the case. The bars adhere to a strict code of dress, which differ depending on the bar.

The basics, however, are that you will be barred from entering if you are wearing sportswear including sneakers, flip flops, sleeveless clothes and shorts and whilst carrying backpacks and other large bags.

The cheat code to the bars is to dress in a nice and respectable manner.

Regular Everyday Wear

For moving around the streets of Thailand whilst doing your shopping you should wear something that is comfortable enough but conservative in order to earn the respect of the Thai’s.

Remember, this is a country that won’t allow you to enter a government building with your knees of shoulders exposed. Find some great clothes are neither too liberal nor conservative and make sure they fit well on you.

If you are visiting the beach, do not expose your beachwear until you get to the beach. You can wear a simple shirtdress to cover your bikini whilst going to the beach.

The same applies for guys as well; walking around the streets of Thailand bare-chested will not do you any good.


To conclude, here is a summary of the general dos and don’ts for what to wear in Thailand.

Do. Wear clothes that cover knees and shoulders when visiting Thai temples and government buildings.
Don’t. Walk around the streets in your Bikini or swimwear.
Do. Wear shoes with a tight grip when hiking through the jungles.
Don’t. Wear sneakers on a hiking strip.
Do. Carry a raincoat during the rainy reason.
Don’t. Put on Sneakers when it’s raining

We hope this guide has given you all the sufficient information you need regarding what to wear when in Thailand. If you’ve ever visited this beautiful country before, please let us know your experience.