Bangkok has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, heritage, and food, but many people visit this city solely for its amazing nightlife.

It is a very active city that never sleeps. It has one of the best nightlife scenes of any city in the World.

There are countless areas, streets, clubs, bars and shows that stay open through the night to entertain locals and tourists alike.

When you are done visiting the various temples, malls and other tourist attractions throughout the day, you should definitely check the amazing nightlife that Bangkok has to offer.

It offers opportunities for clubbing, dancing, parties, interacting with strangers, sipping cocktails with breathtaking views, pool parties, theatre shows, walking streets, food streets and a lot more.

Here are our Top 5 Picks for The Best Nightlife Areas in Bangkok:

1. Khao San Road

Photo by Evan Krause / Unsplash

Khao San Road is by far the most popular nightlife destination, especially for tourists.

People from all over the world visit Bangkok to experience this place.

It is known as “The Ultimate Backpacker Party Hub” and that is for good reason.

There are many bars along the road offering drinks. There is music blasting from all around. There is even a nightclub.

If you want a bite to eat, you will find countless restaurants and vendors with stalls selling local and western food items at very reasonable prices.

There are massage parlors in every corner and different shops to buy cheap garments as well. There are book shops, travel agents, internet cafes, hotels and a lot more along the road.

There are even tattoo parlors if you fancy taking a permanent souvenir back from Khao San.

The place has so many bars and clubs that you would be spoilt for choice.

As for the environment, it is as informal as it can get. You can wear anything and you would feel part of it all. It is an amazing experience.

2. Sukhumvit

Photo by Dynamic Wang / Unsplash

Sukhumvit is another popular tourist destination for those who love experiencing the nightlife.

It is actually quite large so it has been divided into smaller sections or blocks that each has their own night-life.

All these smaller areas are accessible by Sky Train BTS which makes it that much easier to see them all.

They start at Nana and end at Ekkamai and you will find one of the best bars and clubs in Bangkok in this region.

The main areas you can visit according to the division are Nana which is home to three red-light districts as well as countless bars that serve amazing drinks.

There are many western and international restaurants for those who do not fancy the local cuisine.

The next place is Asoke which comes in line after Nana. It has many bars and restaurants but it is much more peaceful as compared to Nana.

It is home to Soi Cowboy, which is both a red light district as well as the brightest street of the city.

After Asoke is Phrom Phong, which is actually popular for its Japanese bars especially karaoke ones.

This area is very different from the other two but provides an amazing experience on its own. It is worth a visit for sure.

Thonglor is the next sub-area which is comparatively an upscale area compared to the rest. It has many fine dine restaurants and fancy bars.

It is also known to have the most beautiful women in Bangkok.

The last area of Sukhumvit that you should visit for nightlife is Ekkamai. It is the most peaceful of all the places.

It has fancy bars and clubs but they are not as crowded as other places. They are a little pricey but the drinks they serve are top notch.

3. Asiatique


Asiatique is located right next to the river and it is a huge open-air complex that provides all sorts of evening entertainment activities.

It opens its doors at 5 pm and stays open through the night.

There are many restaurants and a shopping mall that you can visit. There are also options such as high-end products from international designers.

This place is heaven for foodies and people who love shopping. You can have a change of scenery by hopping on the Ferris wheel that would give you a stunning view of the entire city.

You can even watch a puppet show with the kids or if you fancy the famous ladyboy Cabaret show, Calypso will not disappoint you.

4. Go For A Dinner Cruise Over The River


If you want to enjoy the nightlife from a distance and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of all the busy streets, bars and clubs, going on a dinner cruise is the perfect way to do so.

Depending on your budget and priority, there are many different dinner cruise options over the river Chao Phraya to choose from.

You can enjoy a lovely dinner on the top deck along with other locals and tourists. There are music and other sorts of entertainers on board as well.

5. Royal City Avenue


Royal City Avenue or RCA is the biggest nightlife hub of the city.

It has wall to wall clubs that start getting crowded after 10 pm and stay that way throughout the night.

It is the party that doesn’t stop till sunrise. It is most popular with locals but has recently been getting attention from tourists as well.

Route 66 is the biggest club in the area which is also the heart of the party. It has all sorts of music from hip-hop to local Thai music.

There are many foreign DJs as well that come to liven up the party further.

After midnight, it becomes almost impossible to get into Route 66 as it gets so crowded that even the street becomes a party.


Conclusion, you may consider Bangkok as one of the most vibrant city that never sleeps.

There are a lot more things you could enjoy your nightlife in Bangkok besides these areas in our list.

But for the rookie tourists, these 5 places are more than enough to really experience Bangkok.

Have you been to any of these places in the list? Let me know what you think!