Bangkok is an extremely popular tourist destination that stays packed throughout the year.

It is a huge city covering over 1500 square kilometers of area and home to more than 8 million people. The city is extremely crowded and there is too much to see and experience there.

Many tourists cannot even manage to see everything due to the enormity and the bad traffic of the city.

The tourist attractions are very far apart and the only viable transport option is the sky rail but that does not go everywhere.

Therefore, the location of your hotel can make or break your whole visit to Bangkok.

It is important to be in a location that has easy access to the train station and is in close vicinity to the areas you want to explore and visit.

There are countless places to stay in Bangkok. Some are expensive but most homes, hostels, and hotels are highly affordable and provide great local-like experience.

But here is our top pick places to stay in Bangkok where you can experience it like a local:

1. Banglamphu


Banglamphu area is home to most of the tourist destinations in Bangkok. Its close vicinity to these places makes it the perfect place to be staying during your stay in Bangkok.

It is home to Khao San Road and also the Grand Palace which is worth visiting. If you are into history or love temples and places, this area should be your top priority.

Khao San Road is known for its night-life and all-night parties so if you are into that, it gives you another reason to stay in Banglamphu.

The large gold reclining Buddha structure in Wat Pho is a popular destination for tourists in the area and you can also visit the temple of dawn while you are there.


2. Sukhumvit


Sukhumvit is an 18 kilometers long road in the heart of Bangkok.

It is known for its crazy night-life and amazing shopping malls. It has very upscale shopping arenas, restaurants, malls and clubs that give it a very modern and touristy look.

Sukhumvit has something for everyone be it a local or tourist.

There are also many local affordable hotels and the road is easily accessible through train, which makes it a great area to stay at.


3. Siam Square

Siam Square

Siam Square is a heaven for those who love shopping.

This is one of the biggest shopping squares in the country and has countless malls and shopping centers.

It has everything from small shops to massive branded stores. Whether you are shopping on a budget or going all out on a luxury shopping spree, there will be something for you in Siam square.

There are even showrooms of supercar brands like Lamborghini. There are cinemas, malls, restaurants, massage parlors and everything else an avid shopper may want.

The place is always alive with tourists and local shoppers alike. It is the go-to place for souvenir shopping as well.

If you decide not to stay in Siam but want to visit, make sure you take the train as the road transport will keep you stuck in traffic for hours.


4. Chinatown (Yaowarat)

Chinatown (Yaowarat)
Cr.Getty Images

Chinatown is one of the oldest parts of the city. It was formed in the late 18th century around the river Chao Phraya.

It is a lovely neighborhood combining Chinese roots with Thai culture in a seamless manner.

Although it is not classified as a tourist attraction, it is still visited by many.

The area has always been known for its trade and people love visiting the streets of Chinatown that are always crowded and full of shops and stalls. The shops are very gold-like which makes the place look beautiful.

It also has many actual gold shops if you fancy buying some of that. If you love experiencing raw Chinese culture in Thailand and you can compromise on accommodation a little, you would love Chinatown.

Everything is extremely accessible and cheap and the food is amazing as well.

The dining and shopping scene is extremely lively but the transportation is poor and so is the nightlife. It is all about priorities if you are planning on living in Chinatown.


5. Bangrak


For those people who are just visiting Bangkok to enjoy its local food and crazy nightlife, Bangrak is the answer.

There are loads of local and international restaurants in the area that you can try. The cuisine is amazing and there are also many different rooftop bars that serve amazing cocktails with a view.

The streets are lit throughout the night with many different entertainment options along the way. Bangrak is also home to Lumphini Park which happens to be the largest in the region.

There is a unicorn café in Bangrak which is worth a visit. It is a small café that serves desserts and other sweet treats.

The famous vertigo moon bar is also in this region which is a must visit if you love views. The bar provides a 360-degree view of the skyline and a lovely place to watch the sunset while enjoying your drink.


6. Riverside


Bangkok’s riverside is a great place as it provides a sense of calmness with lovely views, especially at sunset.

If you are a history fanatic or love classic architecture, you will love the area due to the many different shrines and temples which look vibrant in the night.

This place is like a history lesson for those willing to learn about Bangkok’s roots and culture.

It has many small local hotels as well as big 5-star hotels, which means it is perfect for every lifestyle and budget.

If you want to immerse yourself further into the Thai culture, hop on a ferry. It will take you through the city and many of its cultural landmarks.

You will also get to interact with many locals and experience life in the city up close.



There are many more place beyond the list that you could stay and still feels like a local.

But in all, it will depends on your trip plan as well. You have to understand that it might not possible to manage to see everything.

So, do you agree with our list? Let us know!

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